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Welcome to Yan Wang’s Homepage

My name is 王琰 (Yan Wang). I am currently the NLP topic owner of miHoYo. Proir to that, I was a senior researcher at Tencent AI Lab, working on Dialogue and Text Generation. I recieved my Ph.D. degree at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in July 2017, under the instructions of Prof. Hanxiong Li. You can reach me through yanwang.branden(at)


Selected Publications (*=corresponding author)

Retrieval-Guided Dialogue Generation

Multi-turn Dialogue Understanding

Persona-based Dialogue Generation

Text Generation

Game AI

Speech and NLP


Current Interns

Past Interns


Life & Hobbies

As the captain of the Tencent Technology and Engineering Group basketball team, I have won one championship and two runners-up in Tencent. Before that, I served as the captain of the CityU post-graduate basketball team and won seven championships in Hong Kong.

I also served as the Chair of the Fitness Association of Tencent Technology and Engineering Group.

About ten years ago, I dreamed to be a professional E-sports player (RTS game). Now I am still a top-1000 player in the world in Warcraft III Ladder.